Using IINA Media Player for Video Playback on macOS

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QuickTime Player crashes on macOS Sonoma

It has been reported that QuickTime Player often crashes when a device is connected to a secondary display - e.g., when sharing content in a classroom from a macOS laptop or podium. This known issue primarily impacts macOS Sonoma OS and has not yet been resolved by Apple.


  • Use IINA Media Player instead of Quicktime whenever presenting video on a secondary display.
  • Wait for Apple to resolve this issue with Quicktime Player.


About IINA

IINA provides a better, more stable experience, especially when using multiple screen setups. It is now is pre-installed on all university devices, such as staff and faculty laptops, loaner laptops and podiums. It is also available for free for personally owned devices. 


Accessing IINA Media Player

Option 1: Locate IINA in the Applications folder on

your ECU-managed device.




Option 2: Download IINA for your personal device.

It is free to use and no license is required.




Additional Details

Please see Apple's QuickTime discussion forum for the latest updates regarding this issue. 

CAUTION  - Clicking on the link will redirect you to an external website outside of Service Desk.
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