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Your ECU username and password will be the same for nearly all systems including ECU email, Moodle, Adobe, Zoom and MyEC. If you are locked out, you may be able to recover access without assistance from IT Services.

This article demonstrates how to:

  1. Recover a lost username
  2. Reset a forgotten password
NOTE - To use self-service password recovery you must have already registered a 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) method.  If you have not registered 2FA and are locked out, create a ticket from this page and we will provide assistance.

Recover Username

Step 1: If you do not know your ECU username, visit our self-service Forgot User Name page.

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Step 2: Enter your First Name and Last Name.

Step 3: Enter your personal Email Address (the one that you used to register for ECU).

Step 4: Click Submit. If this email address is on record, we will send you further instructions.

Reset Forgotten Password


NOTE - Changing your ECU password will also change your password for all systems, including ECU email, MyEC, Moodle, Adobe, Wi-Fi and VPN. Please remember to update any cached passwords on your devices e.g., campus Wi-Fi.


Step 1: Visit our Microsoft self-service Forgot Password page.

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Step 2: At the Who are you? page, enter your Username if you remember it.

Step 3: Complete the CAPTCHA challenge (you may select either a visual or audio option).

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Step 4: Click Next. If this ECU username is on record, the process will proceed to the Get back into your account / Why are you having trouble signing in? page. If you remain stuck at the Who are you? page, please re-try the CAPTCHA challenge or see Recover Username steps at the top of this article.

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Step 5: If you have simply been locked out due to too many incorrect attempts, choose I know my password, but still can't sign in. Otherwise. click I forgot my password to proceed to the verification step 1 page.

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Step 6: Choose either to receive a Microsoft Authenticator notification (easiest), or enter the one-time 6-digit code displayed in your Microsoft Authenticator app. Once you have approved the notification, or have provided a valid 6-digit code, you may proceed with the password reset.

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Step 7: Enter your new password into both fields and click Finish.

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Step 8: Your password has been reset for all ECU systems.

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