How to Change your Password


Steps for changing a temporary password or improving the strength of an older password.



This article demonstrates the process of changing a password.

Note: To follow this guide, you must be able to sign into your account.

  • If you are are currently locked out of your account, see our Self-Service Instructions first, and then submit a ticket if you require further assistance.
  • If a password update has recently been mandated, you may be prompted to update it before our systems allow you to sign in.
  • Your ECU username and password will be the same for nearly all systems including ECU email, Moodle, Adobe, Zoom and MyEC.



This article is intended for the entire ECU community.


How to change ECU password



Step 1:

Sign in at using

your ECU username and current password.

  • Choose 'Work or School Account' if prompted.

Step 2:

In  the upper right corner click the gearwheel

icon to reveal Settings and then scroll down to

Password / Change your password.


*This page will soon no longer be available.

To change your password in the future,

you can go directly to MySecurityInfo.

Step 3:

Enter your old password, add and then confirm a new password.

  • Choose a password with at least (13) characters, 

including at least (1) uppercase letter, (1) lowercase letter,

(1) number and (1) non-alphanumeric character.

  • We recommend a memorable, but unique phrase.

e.g., "Sunset-Comes-2-arctic-early-winter"

  • Never incorporate popular phrases.

e.g., I-Love-You, taking-care-of-business

  • Store your password in a trusted password manager.

e.g., Last Pass, Apple Keychain


Troubleshooting Wi-Fi

  • Please remember to update your device Wi-Fi settings with your most current password so that the network remains connected.
  • If you experience further issues with Wi-Fi, please submit a ticket and we will provide assistance.



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